Saturday, March 22, 2008

Before (6 weeks) & After (12 weeks)

Met with the midwife again this week to undergo the standard blood and urine tests. She took my blood pressure but did not weigh me. (Personally, I think I'm gaining too much too quickly - see above pics for proof in the pudding, literally. But she obviously isn't concerned because I was not grossly obese to begin with.) One exciting thing happened during the visit, though. She asked if I wanted to hear the heartbeat. Did I? She then produced what looked like a small wireless radio, placed a prod on my uterus and felt around. Static like you get in between stations, and a moment that smacked of E.T. and his Speak N' Spell. I half expected a young Drew Barrymore to appear carrying a geranium.

'Did you hear that?' she said. I shook my head, and she prodded some more until at last a very fast pulsating came over the airwaves. Less like a heartbeat than a sign, a telegram from the other side. My first communication with Little Green, albeit one-sided and strange, was still very cool nonetheless. Can't wait for the dating scan next week when Mr Green and I will get to see and hear him/her close up...

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  1. haha i don't see any pudding mrs green!