Thursday, May 1, 2008

Some quirky Week 18 facts for you

 By now Little Green measures approx 14cm long, weighs about 200g (7oz) and has:
  • fully functional fingers and toes including teensy-weensy nails
  • downy foetal hair called lanugo (which Mr Green and I always call languo for some reason, making it sound like a type of pasta. Apparently it means 'ancient wool') that may or may not be there to keep him/her warm
  • sex organs even though the nature of these is still are a mystery to mom and dad
  • kidneys that wee every 40-45 minutes inside me (charming!)
  • an active aerobics routine that involves swinging around the umbilical cord (there's enough room in there, though, so I'm not feeling it yet)
  • and... facial expressions (no doubt wincing at the taste of the amniotic fluid since tastebuds are currently forming)

1 comment:

  1. Oh Jules....I felt the kicking at 18 1/2 weeks...your getting close now!!! I can't wait til your shower :)

    Leanne xo