Thursday, July 16, 2009


So Mr Green Jr has recently celebrated his nine-month anniversary. Holy crapolie. Soon, he will be a year old and then he'll be blowing out his 16 candles. It really is whirlwind stuff. The most recent development being the advancement of his 'babble'. Dada is the word of the day. No, I hasten to add, our little one is no avant-guard art aficionado. And no, as much as Mr Green Sr would like to believe, it is not short for 'daddy'; it is simply the easiest syllable combination for babies to utter (otherwise it would be one heck of a coincidence that most start there, no?). The first time he exchanged in a true babblelogue was during supper, and I tell you it was as though he was discoursing in the Oval Office. He had the 'and you listen here' expression fixed on his face as he sat up in his high chair putting the world, and mommy and daddy, to rights. Hilarious.

Since then it has been more ups and downs than the chair lifts at Whistler. On, off teething woes balanced with happy clappy bouncy bouncy. Seriously, I'm starting to feel dizzy from the bipolarity of every day. It still blows my mind how close I can feel to him one minute, like I might be given to chomping on his delectable little fatty rolls of flesh, then completely drained and wanting at the sound of his whaaaawhaaaawhaaa the next. He is delectable, though, and I guess to some less intense effect, this is how one relates to all family members. It might just be personal preference but a little middle ground would go down a treat once in a while. He's sleeping now. A record for the day: 2 hours this morning and another hour this afternoon and counting. In addition to the teeth knifing through his gums, could it also be growing pains, I wonder? I am so used to my own near-constant fatigue that I tend to forget that the natural thing to do when one is up against physical discomfort is to rest the body until it passes.

In the meantime, I keep reiterating: patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue... A virtue I must quickly acquire. In the meantime, I cross my fingers and wait for the next bout of babble to strike.

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