Friday, July 2, 2010

Mommy brain down the drain

I have this theory about the phenomenon known as mommy brain.  It goes something like this. When my son was conceived, not only did he get half my genetic makeup (lucky, lucky boy), he also stole quite a few of my precious brain cells, too.  Just as Miss Mary Jane does when you spend too much time in the good lady's company.  Little did I know these cells would never replenish themselves. Ever. Again. 

Click here to read the full article, as featured at Oh Baby! Magazine.


  1. my question is after the pregnancy brain, you got away with the baby brain and then the breastfeeding brain, but what comes next what will be my excuse?!

  2. I am SO stupid after having three kids. I'm surprised I can even type. It's awful. That's why I'm reduced to talking about poop. Anything else is too advanced for my tiny brain at this point.

  3. Hey, don't knock it, Cheryl. Poop is an eternally fascinating subject. Poop stories never get boring... Uh, ok, yes, maybe we can form a support group!