Sunday, October 24, 2010

Circumcision: arguments for(e) and against

As far as parenting debates go, circumcision is as delicate as they come and as emotionally charged as breast versus bottle.

The first rule about parenthood is that there is no rule

Nothing is strictly black and white, right or wrong, when it comes to being a parent. Every day it seems there is some new, monumental decision you must make about your child's future; knowing what to do is rarely straightforward. Though it provides a wealth of information, the internet is a minefield of (often conflicting) advice...

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  1. So why not just flip a coin? There ARE right and wrong decisions, even if other people make decisions you consider wrong. We'd agree it was wrong to tattoo a baby, right? No ifs or buts? Or cut any other normal, healthy, functional, non-renewable part off a baby (even if it were legal)?

    Circumcision is always presented as a big decision you have to make, but that's part of the pressure you're under to do it. (Until you decide to do it, they can keep asking, and often do.)

    In most of the world, it isn't a decision parents even consider, and especially not the developed world, so it's not a matter of "those backward people haven't heard about it yet". The rest of the English-speaking world tried it, found it did no good, and have virtually given it up, with the result that in Australia and New Zealand, most older men are circumcised, most younger men are not, and it's hard to find a doctor willing to do it.

  2. Aah, this was the post you mentioned about unintentionally causing debate.

    Yep, definitely a hot button one. I have been in many a debate over this same thing, even though I hold the same feeling you do of "to each his own."