Sunday, January 23, 2011

My cunning linguist

Capacity for grining aside, LGO is an unusually articulate and comical 2-and-3-month-old, as evidenced this week.  You never know what he's gonna come up with.  It's kinda what I imagine living with Jim Carrey must be like (although I'm sure his ex-wives would beg to differ).  Lately I wake up to the sounds of him crooning in the next room.  He's got quite the repertoire, must be gearing up for Vegas:  These Boots are Made for Walkin', Jumpin' Jack Flash, I am the Walrus, as well as the usual kiddie fare (mainly, if I have anything to do with it, Sesame Street and Co.)  And his new favourite -- after he received a Spidey watch for Christmas, and I made the fatal mistake of playing the original cartoon theme song for him via You Tube -- 'Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can...'  He can sing most of the song, note for note, bar for bar.  Rote repetition, sure, but so unbearably cute.  Of course now, after countless viewings, I also know the words by heart, too.  We all have our crosses to bear.

Guess it spells the end of an era
We're leaving behind In the Night Garden, et al.  Everything has a time and a place, after all.  It's just funny to think how quickly these little people grow and evolve.  They are in such a race to move on.  You want to tell them to slow down already, take in the view, lap it up. You'll be wanting botox before you know it...  Even though I'm clinging to the crib for as long as my sanity will allow (and for as long as it takes for him to plan a break-out, Shawshank-style), I did convert his room recently.  It was high time to banish the babyishness in favour of a total Thomas & Friends fest.  (Yes, anyone with a similarly aged male is overly familiar with the toddler trainspotting fetish.)  Got some great wall stickers, a poster, fleece and bedding.  We are officially Thomased to the hilt. 

My baby is gone
He's graduated to the next level.  I'm not too broken up about it, because that phase was very painful for me, in the main.  I'm glad to turn a new leaf, even though, as recent posts will attest, this stage isn't always a peach, either.  But because LGO is increasingly articulate, it is getting easier to understand and communicate with him every day.  And that is a great relief, even as part of me recognizes what is lost, the innocence that gets chipped away, bit by bit...  We are progressing on the potty front (stickers notwithstanding).  And he can count to 100, knows his colours, alphabet, shapes, and body parts inside out.  And lately, without preempting, he has startled us by counting to ten, and now 20, in French.  Guess I'd better start pulling out my finger in the bilingualism department.  Clearly, my son has a knack for tongues -- just like his madre, it seems.  Well, I'm all for that, provided he doesn't want to be A Writer. 

He's also something of a yoga bunny...
Spending a fair bit of time in downward dog, then throwing his arms back in a practice headstand, which is more than his mother can manage.  And on the (kitchen) dancefloor he has been known to bust a few original moves.  Unlike his mother, though, he isn't much for arts and crafts.  Can take or leave drawing and painting.  He likes play dough, but only if I'm the one doing the doughing.  (And we've had some recent successes: a Bert with a fetching unibrow, and a good likeness of the Blue the dog from Blue's Clues.)

Children really do say the darndest things
Eating out at restaurants is still a highly skilled military operation, yet we Greens try to manage it once a weekend.  It's nice for us to dine out as a family, and a welcome break for mom.  This past weekend we tried out the Gourmet Burger Company.  No burgies for junior, but a pretty nice-looking grilled cheese.  A woman waiting for her order turned around and said hello.  Not only did he say hello back, our little one piped up: 'Hey my man! Hey my buddy!'  Where did this come from?  His grandfather we suspect.  Sometimes out of the blue, LGO will also say in all seriousness to his father: 'Philip, come here, Philip' or 'Whatcha doin', Philip?' in a voice uncannily like my own.  Cheap entertainment, in the privacy of our own home.  Watch out Mr Carrey, at age two LGO is already perfecting his stand-up routine, impersonations and all.

What uproarious/surprising things has your little one done lately?


  1. I love these looking back/looking forward posts. It's neat too how you often have a question! So here goes: My daughter says, "no mouth" if Jeff holds something with his lips (e.g. keys) and says "hands down!" when I bite my nails.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Lia. I love the tot as enforcer -- wish mine would tell me to put that cookie down NOW!