Friday, April 29, 2011

I kissed a girl... and I liked it

In light of all the swooning going on over a certain Wedding -- and even though I personally couldn't give a rat's ass about the bride's dress -- I thought I'd inject some romance into your day, Little Green style... 
I was a mere bystander watching the scene unfold before me: how they stood so close together. Her eyes met his, and he held her there for a moment. Everyone else around them falling away, as if they were all alone in that vast gymnasium. His hands brushed hers, and held hers for a moment... She moved closer, dangerously close. She teased him with her proximity. He waited until he couldn't stand it any longer. 
Sensing what he had to do, what he had been wanting to do all along, he pushed closer. All at once his lips pressed against hers. All that feeling, and it was over in a fleeting second. 
She backed away swiftly, and stared at him. She wiped her mouth with her sleeve. In a fleeting second, his heart shattered. He'd been sloppy. A little heavy on the saliva, maybe.  He had disappointed her. He wasn't what she'd wanted, after all. Had he misunderstood? Or had she led him on? 
One thing was for sure. He was two-and-a-half-years-old, and from now on love would never be the same.

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