Thursday, April 22, 2010

It sure ain't easy being Green

I've never really thought of myself as green, per se.  In high school I belonged to a local group called the 'Green Team' but only because a couple of my friends were in it, and at the time REM was all the rage.  My parents aren't exactly eco warriors, although they 'composted' and 'blue boxed' long before either became a household term.  During the brief interlude that is the Canadian Summer, they keep a decent veg patch -- nothing posh, just some green and yellow beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers to rival any superstore produce both in terms of aesthetics and taste.  All of this is pass√©, of course. It was nothing they did consciously, or even conscientiously.  It was just the way they lived.  There was no sacrifice or smug labour involved.  But things on the green front have moved on considerably.  And I fear, for LGO's sake, that I am getting left behind.  Put simply: the Little Green Household is not doing enough.  It occurred to me the other day as my toddler was 'helping' recycle a fistful of flyers.  We -- and here I also mean the collective me-and-you we -- could really be doing more, couldn't we?  The question is, what?

Little Green One is excited to be featured at A Mother World.  Click here to read the full article.  Happy Earth Day!

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  1. I am also always thinking this, what else can I do, I can think of a million things, but what I have decided to do is change something once a week (or so depending on the change). I had started with changing all my cleaners, then went to laundry, etc... I really think any changes are good!! :)