Sunday, April 11, 2010

Portrait of Little Green One as an 18 month old

Happy year and a half, my little bean!  It's been an oh-so-crazy year but we couldn't love you more if we tried!  Though it may be dull to all and sunder, here is a list of your "achievements" to date, which may explain a lot when you read this twenty years from now...

  1. mom
  2. dad
  3. up
  4. head
  5. teeth
  6. cheese
  7. button
  8. hi
  9. ouch
  10. dog
  11. book
  12. knee
  13. eyes
  14. nan
  15. yes
  16. quack (as in 'duck', not 'doc')
  17. hat
  18. house
  • readily identifies body parts: eyes, nose, ears, tummy, mouth, feet, hands, knees, legs, arms
  • points out certain pictures of animals, foods, etc.
  • imitates gestures such as tickle, squeeze, pat
  • hugs and (fish) kisses on demand
  • claps hands
  • stomps feet
  • dances with bum sticking out
  • head bangs
  • gives 'high five'
  • playing with belts and pillar candles (though not simultaneously)
  • throwing animal fridge magnets and just about anything down stairs!
  • emptying clothes drawers
  • running on sidewalk but not on grass
  • throwing ball
  • listening and playing music (drums, tambourine)
  • 'reading' books, current favourite: Thomas the Tank Engine (a trainspotter like his father)
  • very intense and serious in new situations, likes to 'observe' before acting
  • cautious around playgrounds, not a natural climber
  • loves meeting strangers, but prefers adults to children
  • good sleeper (11 hours a night, plus 2-hour naps)
  • big eater but loathes vegetables; places rejects in a neat pile beside his plate
  • dislikes using spoons and crayons
  • independent for the most part but likes cuddling
  • when tired, will suck his thumb and place a hand on his head 


  1. This is soo very cool the way you listed everything for milestones! I like it, especially all those words :)!

  2. I love these...and putting it in writing means you'll never forget this time in both of your lives. Great idea!

    ...stopping by from MBC and now following you


  3. Holy list of words batman! Congrats to your little bundle.

    Following you from MBC/FFF!