Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sexyloverwife vs Supremegoddessmother

First time Mr Green and I managed to get amorous because of all excitement of the week. While I am keen to stay intimate with my husband throughout pregnancy (and am assured that it is both perfectly healthy and safe to do so), my body certainly felt different. If I'm honest, I had some trouble letting myself go completely. Couldn't quite push the "growing baby bud" out of my mind. And pushing it out of the mind (at least temporarily) is almost necessary if you are to have a good time -- so to speak -- with your partner. It is important for men especially to recognise this dichotomy, to learn early on to differentiate between the sexyloverwife from the supremegoddessmother. Ditto for the woman if she is to continue being a happy, if less active, sexual being. I have a feeling that from hereon in, it might be a case of quality versus quantity. Sigh.

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